About Us

We bring together your natural ability with your determination to compete, to exceed all expectations and maximize your athletic output through our unique Influx Sport program.

We provide the best of breed, sports technology solutions, innovations in wearables and devices, A.I. based empirical medical and fitness data, bleeding edge skills and conditioning techniques and leading financial strategies for funding college and career.

In flux | ˈinˌfləks |


in constant state of change; ever changing.

Come win with us.

The System


Our strength lies in our ability to identify baseline weaknesses in athletes of all levels. By studying your abilities through high intensity biomechanical tests, genetic trends, and competition day statistics, we will guide you to exceed expectations on game day.


Training to win means training at the highest level, correctly and efficiently. Athletes must understand each element of their performance output, statistical proficiency, and barriers that stand between them and their goals.


Using your performance metrics and tracking your biomarker inputs, our experts craft a program specifically for you, customized using the influx system.


Through our Max Training program, methodize your winning formula by linking your desire to win with our desire to get you there.

How Influx works for you

Your traits, your stats, your goals

Your Traits

Your biomechanical features, genetic building blocks, strengths and weaknesses.

Your Stats

In game performance, personal achievement.

Your Goals

Optimized fitness, on field success, financial strategy.

We integrate all your sports performance data

Training History

Game Statistics

Fitness Metrics

Lifestyle Habits

Our Deliverable To You

An expert training program customized for each athlete using our AI data resources, all your performance history, and our professional and expert team guidance and execution.

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